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Our story

Mind Revolution is a niche leadership consulting firm, dedicated to transforming the work experience from the inside out.

After gaining experience during a decade working in high stress, high performance organizations, we started questioning if there could be another way of working. One where qualities like calm and clarity would not only improve the quality of our life, but also of our work. It didn't take us the years of experimentation and then study we went on, to quickly arrive a resounding yes. But along the way, we did another key discovery: the central role our minds play, both at work and at home. 

Hence our name and logo. 

Our name points to what can happen (a revolution!) when we start exploring our mind's role in determining the quality of our experience. 

Our logo reflects the idea of primacy of mind - if you look at it, you'll likely see a hexagon. But look again carefully, you might also see a cube (in perspective).

Once you see it, not only can you not see it, but over time you can also develop the capacity to shift your perspective, on demand, from the hexagon to the cube. This capacity is just a small example of the mind's tremendous potential to change, and shape, our experience. 

Our image is therefore a constant reminder of the primordial role of our mind, and of the fact that how we make sense of our experience, both external and internal, can shift in a moment.


Our profiles


Diogo Rolo

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Diogo is a leadership facilitator and Insead-trained executive coach, whose work combines attention management practices with neuroscience-informed behavioral insights.


His focus consists in helping leaders and teams develop resilience, manage change and drive performance, in a human way. His international client base includes global corporate leaders like McKinsey, Accenture, and Ikea, while in Portugal he has worked extensively with organizations like Sonae, EDP and BPI, among many others. He also serves regularly as faculty in several executive education programs at Porto Business School.

His original academic background in finance lead him to a 10-year career in investment banking, first in private banking and then advising global institutional clients on Iberian equities. Before leaving the financial sector, he ran for 3 years a pioneering in-house initiative, that trained hundreds of participants in attention-based leadership skills. 


Lastly, his professional practice is informed every day by +15 years of contemplative practice, including a combined period of +1 year spent in silent retreat.


Catarina Távora

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After spending several years working in large scale global organizations in banking and financial controlling roles, in Portugal and abroad, Catarina quickly found highly challenging, fast-paced work environments. This was the right incentive to start a deep exploration of how to manage these daily challenges at work.

It was at the intersection between the wisdom of the contemplative traditions and modern science, that Catarina found theories and practical methods that when applied daily, can vastly increase our resilience. As such, she trained as a facilitator of the program Cultivating Emotional Balance, and later, of Mindful Self-Compassion.

In the years that followed, Catarina has dedicated her energy to deepening these contemplative practices and translating them into secular contexts. This work has happened in programs both in corporate settings, and in open public formats, exploring how topics like meditation and compassion are foundational for a balanced emotional life.

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