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What do our coaching engagements look like?

Our coaching approach consists in creating space, the precursor of greater mental clarity. Our work is informed by systems psychodynamic thinking, an approach that works at the center of the relationship between individual, role and organization.

By working with what’s happening below the surface, we get clear on how to move from insight into action. That happens in supportive yet challenging conversations, so executives build the capacity to thrive under pressure and amidst complexity.

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Unawareness makes leaders and followers prisoners of hidden forces that dictate their decisions and their behavior.

Manfred Kets de Vries

4 foundational coaching values



being attentive to both the internal and external worlds of coach and coachee, to respond rather than react



identifying and being with the feelings of the coachee as they are, without judgment or criticism


Compassionate Challenge

challenging the coachee’s ideas and viewpoints in a kind and straightforward way, with the intention to prime growth



being insightful about challenges, while knowing the resources required to move forward are already available

3 commitments about how we coach


acting with integrity and adhering to the strictest standards available in the coaching profession


maintaining all information disclosed in sessions protected from unauthorized disclosure


maintaining standards of excellence through continuous development and supervision 


Typical engagements start with a call to assess fit and intent, through an exploration of the challenges at stake. By designing the full arch of the engagement, we align expectations on what success will look like. 

Coach and coachee then meet over at least a few months, in a cadence designed to allow both integration and momentum. Recurrent check-ins provide space to discuss the coaching relationship itself, often a trove of relevant data, and also how to allow the coachee to drive more from the engagement.


Although variable, cycles of 6 sessions of +/- 60 min, with each session occurring roughly every 2-3 weeks, seems a good way to start most engagements.


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