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What do our leadership journeys look like?

Our journeys include reflective learning spaces where we share scientifically-informed best practices, alongside attention-based methods, to drive sustained change.


The experiential learning we deploy supports leaders and teams bridge the knowing-doing gap, not just by gaining new knowledge, but by transforming themselves over time.

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A primary task of leadership is to direct attention.

To do so, leaders must learn to focus their own attention.

Daniel Goleman

Our foundational work practices

these are the essential building blocks of our learning journeys


Managing Focus

keeping priorities when everything changes

Heavy workloads in distracted work environments make it seem multitasking is a must. But as we run around doing things all day, we often feel we're not achieving as much as we could.

Learning how to manage our focus to do deep work, the most valuable type there is.


Managing Stress

being calm in the eye of the storm

The level of pressure we face at work, the little sleep we often get, low levels of exercise and the demands of our personal life have generated a stress epidemic.

Learning what stress really is, how we can manage it, and how to literally overcome it.


Managing Emotions

creating space inside and building relationships

With so much incoming stimuli during the day, it's challenging to notice, let alone manage, our emotions. It seems emotions, and not our intentions, drive our reactions.

Learning how to notice and manage the data our emotions contain, to overcome reactivity and develop inner flexibility.

Our formats

we work with groups and 1:1, at one-off events and over time

single events that can be as short as 1h, and as long as 1 day
usually from 5 weeks to several months, with recurrent 2h sessions
custom programs for individuals, with preset agendas

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